About us

About Us:
We founded HAIROIC with a simple premise – namely, that you shouldn’t have to choose between products that perform well and those that are good for you. Our commitment is to only deliver products that fill a void in your hairc are routine or that perform better than similar items. Each product will only be released when it is just right… the best of what science and nature can offer to bring out the best in everyone.HAIROIC, your new hair hero.
Hairoic was founded by passionate hair lovers who understand your desire for technological advances, the latest beauty and health innovations. Our vision for HAIROIC is to combine the best of science and nature. With this brand, we want to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

From overseeing product development to marketing to creative direction, our team of experts has been the driving force behind the brand.we have spent countless of hours and research perfecting our formulations and products making sure formulations live up to your expectations.

At HAIROIC we create products that are effective, smart, and long lasting – ones that solve real problems without the fluff. We are very intentional by introducing one product at a time. We want to make sure we get our formulations and engineering just right and being thoughtful in the products we create takes time.

Who is “HAIROIC”? Someone who owns who they are, believes in themselves, and does things their own way.Someone who conquers the urge to be normal and is not afraid to express their inner-self, do for themselves and do for others. They live the life of a true hero. HAIROIC,your new hair hero..


HAIROIC is committed to doing its part for the planet and to being more sustainable. In addition to using recyclable packaging wherever possible, we’re proud to fortify our products with biodegradable components and create eco-friendly products who our kind to the planet in their production and post production process. Scroll below to find out why we’re so passionate about these initiatives.

We love our pets – and quite frankly, all animals. We do not conduct, commission or act as a party to any animal testing. Not only are our formulas cruelty-free, but all our suppliers and manufacturers must comply with our cruelty-free criteria as well.