Why Hairoic?

From the beginning.

Hairoic® was founded by passionate hair lovers who understand your desire for technological advances, the latest beauty and health innovations and your frustration from trying products that do not work or do not align with your values. Our vision for HAIROIC® is to combine the best of science and nature. With this brand, we want to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Get inspired, Show your hair, Express your style, dare to create new styles, feel desired and know you are beautiful in every single way.          

Who is “HAIROIC”? Someone who owns who they are, believes in themselves, and does things their own way.Someone who conquers the urge to be normal and is not afraid to express their inner-self, do for themselves and do for others. They live the life of a true hero.

From overseeing product development, to marketing, the creative direction, our team of experts has been the driving force behind the brand. We have spent countless of hours and research perfecting our formulations and products making sure formulations live up to your expectations.


At HAIROIC® we create products that are effective, smart, and long lasting – ones that solve real problems without the fluff.

we are sutainable and only offer cruelty free products.

We are social and we donate 10% of our profits to charity and give back to the true heroes and to those who need one in their life to feed and support. 

Be HAIROIC, dare to try, fall in love and care to share. We guarantee to not disappoint but inspire.