HAIROIC Diamond Drops Hair Serum & Heat Protector for Hair with Vitamin E, A and Moroccan Argan Oil (2.02 fl oz)

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Serum Product Copy About this item:

  • EVERYONE’S SUPERHERO – Great and suitable for all hair types. Hairoic’s Hair Serum fights to Protect, Shine, Strengthen and Detangle hair as a Superhero power.
  • SUPER POWERFUL ARGAN OIL WITH ELEMENTAL CONTROL – HAIROIC’s lightweight yet rich formula works without weighing the hair down. This Vitamin packed formula, infused with Moroccan argan oil to provide immediate hydration to your hair. This diamond drops hair serum adds moisture, helps eliminate frizz.
  • IMMORTAL (ALMOST) – A little goes a long way. Enjoy this 2-in-1 use before styling your hair for protection from heat and or after styling as an Argan Oil hair serum treatment!
  • SUPERHERO STRENGTH – Help prevent breakage and split ends with the diamond dust that acts as protector while the Vitamin E and A enriched with Argan oil repair and nourishes your hair.
  • MINDFULLY FORMULATED – WITHOUT sulfates (SLS/SLES), parabens and phthalates. Cruelty-Free and Color-Safe with the needed vitamins for your healthy hair!


HAIROIC Superhero Powers: A multitasking, lightweight serum that helps detangle, prime with natural thermal shield, enhance shine with Moroccan argan oil, smooth with a vitamin complex and ceramides, and protect against damage by harnessing the power of diamonds. A Drop of HAIROIC attitude: What makes you stand out? It’s when you’re true to yourself – naturally projecting strength and confidence in your own unique way. Being HAIROIC is being confident in your hair everyday and expressing your own style. A Dash of Flair: Don’t apologize for wanting to look as good as you feel expressing your inner self and don’t feel like you have to pick between naturally-derived ingredients and high-performing product technology, salon quality or an affordable price. With HAIROIC, choose everything! A Touch of Science: High-performance ingredients are combined with the latest innovations in technology to develop multifunctional, one-of-a-kind haircare products. A Sprinkle of Nature: HAIROIC is always formulated and crafted with the best nature has to offer so we can care for you and care for nature.

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Cyclomethicone, Ethylhexyl Cocoate, Dimethiconol, Glycolipids, Ceramide 3, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Retinol (Vitamin A), Apricot Fragrance, and Diamond Dust


2.02, Oz

77 reviews for HAIROIC Diamond Drops Hair Serum & Heat Protector for Hair with Vitamin E, A and Moroccan Argan Oil (2.02 fl oz)

  1. Eman

    It lessened my frizziness and dryness 10/10 recommend it to others

  2. Jackie Skladd

    Unbelievable product& affordable!

  3. Michelle L. BeckMichelle L. Beck

    Hairoic hair serum is a great hair product. It is light and doesn’t weigh the hair down. I like that the clear liquid comes in a glass jar with a pump feature, which allows you to get just the right amount of product in your hand and most importantly in your hair. I usually do about 5 pumps to distribute in my partially damp hair. It contains diamond dust (not sure the benefits of that besides it sounds fancy), argan oil and vitamins E & A. It can be used to not only protect your hair (from heat), but fights frizz, adds shine, and strengthens the hair follicles. There is a faint scent that I couldn’t distinguish, but the packaging says apricot. Overall, this is a nice serum that you can use with other hair products. I’d recommend it.

  4. Elsie C.Elsie C.

    Suave ,brilloso,excelente producto.

  5. Mayra

    A like this lightweight serum very much, it has good ingredients, it makes my hair soft and bright. It might last a long time since you just need a little bit to leave the hair looking Amazon!

  6. 🔅

    I love that it not only protects from heat, but it also works as styling aide to help hold my waves in place and keep them from looking frazzled. Light apricot scent. It doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it look greasy. No issues with build up. A little goes a long way…use just a few drops to begin with, you can always go back and add more if needed, but if you over-do it you’ll have a sticky mess. Great stocking stuffer type gift. 👍🏻

  7. Lucero Rodríguez

    Es exelente mi cabello se desenreda con facilidad y brilla muy lindo las puntas de mi pelo se cierran.

  8. Moree Hai Ivgi

    Great smell. Great texture. Fresh. Mechanics are on point. No flaw squeeze. Loved it. Deserved my review.

  9. donna j major

    the trick is to find out how much to put on hair. it takes VERY Little to get the best out of it. can dry your hair in a fraction of the normal time.

  10. BellaMac

    First, my pump was broken upon arrival. Pushing down on pump head causes a little product to squish out the sides. You can’t seem to unscrew the pump head so I’m stuck trying to get what I need from the product squishing out the side. FYI- if you use too much, you end up with an oily mess of hair. How attractive!

  11. Amazon Customer

    Sarah Michael was my customer service specialist and she was so helpful. She went above and beyond to make sure I got the products I needed and offered me their amazing serum that helps with heat protection, hair repair, hair strengthening, frizz control, and shine. The product made my hair feel so smooth even the following day. Hair looks and feels even more nourished as well. Definitely recommend Haroic products.

  12. Alexis TyreeAlexis Tyree

    I love how this always leaves my hair feeling soft after I’ve straightened it. I use before and after putting heat to my hair. A little goes a long way and you get a lot of product for a decent price.

  13. CharChar

    Being that my hair is fine and thin, I’m always looking for ways to keep it hydrated and tamed. I thought this might be just what I needed, so I requested it from Vine and here we are! This review is for: HAIROIC Diamond Drops Hair Serum – Heat Protector for Hair with Vitamin E, A and Moroccan Argan Oil …In short, I LOVE this stuff! I did have to experiment with it to find the right amount that works for me. Since I rarely blow dry my hair, I used this on my hair and left it to air dry. I always use a detangler spray first and then I applied very small amounts of oil.HAIROIC has a pump top to it which only dispenses about a drop of oil. Since I don’t want my hair to look greasy, I started using only a pump or two of oil, and that didn’t do much. I slowly worked my way up to about 5 pumps total. I take the first pump, spread it across my fingertips on both hands and use that to smooth down the sides of my head in the front. Then I used a pump on my crown, applying it with the fingertips of both hands. Another for my mid-lengths and another for my ends. I comb it all through with a fine toothed comb and leave my hair to dry naturally.That combo has done wonders for my curly, frizzy, dry hair. Once it’s dry, I put it up overnight and wear a sleep bonnet. In the morning when I let my hair down, it’s beautiful. No frizz whatsoever. My curls are defined and look soft, shiny and bouncy. This stuff is like a miracle for me!I do wish the pump nozzle dispensed slightly more product than it does. I have arthritis in my hands and it’s hard for me to press down on things like small nozzles. However, I put the bottle on the counter top and gently push down with the palm of my hand, dispensing the product into my other hand. This seemed to do the trick. Perhaps it was good that it only dispenses a small amount? Otherwise I might have tried out too much and for fine, thin hair, too much is not much at all.Anyway, I love this stuff, (have I said that already?) I played with it to find the right amount and now that I have, it’s amazing. I’ve gotten a lot of comments on my hair since I’ve started using this, all of them positive. And for the first time in a long while, I’m loving my hair.

  14. Selma A.

    Love the scent. Lightweight, non greasy. Love that you can use it before using heat on your hair

  15. Stacy Dailey

    This stuff smells great and is so lightweight. It won’t leave your hair greasy but instead gets rid of frizz and adds the shine you would want.

  16. Quickbeam

    I really like this hair serum. I have very long fine hair, mostly white. It can get dull and it given to flyaways and static. This serum has a surprisingly strong fruity smell which took me back…..fortunately it does not cling to my hair. It adds shine and tamps down my hair’s desire to fly off on its own. It’s the type of product I would make sure to use if I was having my photo taken…it really sets off my hair to its best.

  17. Andrew

    HAIROIC Diamond Drops Hair Serum is great for my hair routine. I usually do style my hair with curlers and straighteners and am happy to use a product that helps protect my hair from the heat of my styling tools. Just a few drops of the product really make a huge difference. The product also contains some good vitamins and oils and provide further protection for hair and reduce frizz and tangles, which make hair more manageable.

  18. Rarity GoddessRarity Goddess

    This product makes my hair so soft and it smells magical. It really helps my curls pop. I order 2 at a time.

  19. Alberto AmosAlberto Amos

    Love this Hair serum

  20. Luz

    MY hair is more softer and easy comb every day

  21. ✌ ❤ 🍕

    Yep, it’s a nice hair oil. I have damaged from bleaching my hair, and applying this while wet really helps to bring some life back to my strands and seal in some moisture. It looks, feels, and smells like a quality hair product.

  22. Sea

    It was not a serum. It is a cream

  23. Linda S Moore

    UpdateThis seems to work great on dry hair. After my hair was completely dry I applied it and it cut down on the frizzy and didn’t leave my hair looking oily at all. Even the next day, today, it was still nice looking.This is a serum that seems like it will be ok. It doesn’t take much for my long, down my back, hair. It doesn’t seem to have much of a fragrance about it which is a good thing most of the time. I have only used it once and my hair was still a bit frizzy so I will try it on my hair after it’s dry next time and if there are better results I will update this review.It’s a bit pricy for something that I’m not sure about. I don’t believe it has any type of diamond anything in it either. It does seem to hold in some of the natural moisture. I’ll try it a bit more and let ya know.

  24. nkestes

    I love the smell and feel of it on my hair.I really has helped my dry hair.

  25. Wendys WishList

    Love it!! It makes my hair so soft, smooth and silky and gives it a nice shine. Also, the scent smells so good!!

  26. J. Arena

    My hair is fairly messed up from years of abuse with chemical treatments and heat styling. The curl looks like frizz if I do not use a good leave-in to control it. This product is perfect for me because I get results with a very tiny amount. I don’t have to risk a build-up that will drag my hair down flat, making it look like it needs washing as soon as I’ve finished styling. It helps me ease out the tangles quickly without hearing my hair snap while combing it. I wish I had this in my lineup of hair products earlier!

  27. Lover of All Things Beauty

    This is a great hair serum! I usually don’t like product in my hair. It always ends up either making my hair stiff, greasy looking, or greasy feeling. Even if it doesn’t immediately make it look and feel greasy, usually I end up having to wash my hair the next day because it’ll look greasy. But, I do have frizzy hair so I’m always on the lookout for something that will be that magic touch – right in the middle where it hydrates my hair enough but doesn’t make it look and feel greasy at all. This is it! It has a nice soft scent. It has great ingredients and is made in USA. It has a pump dispenser that pumps out a very small amount, so it does take quite a few pumps to do my shoulder length hair. It glides on the hair easily. It takes frizzy hairs and doesn’t make the hair feel heavy at all. It protects my hair when I blow dry it and straighten it. My hair looks and feels great! This is definitely something I’ll continue to use and repurchase!

  28. Amazon Customer

    Love this products works well and will buy it again.

  29. Kathrine H

    Received in the mail today product did not have a cap on it makes me nervous that it was not sealed and had been used as a demo.

  30. daphne

    I have never really used a heat protectant but clearly I should have been using one all long. I only use two pumps of this and rub my hands together before distributing it thru my wet hair and then blow dry and I see such a difference, no frizzies and less static and nice body when I am done which I wasn’t expecting. I am a convert. I will continue to use this and repurchase when I am done with this bottle. I would definitely recommend.

  31. P.A.M.P.A.M.

    I found the size of the bottle to becomparable with other productsof this nature.I like it was plastic sealed for protection.I like that it has a push pump topthat dispenses a few drops of theproduct in my hand.I like the fresh scent of the oil.I like the feel of the oil.My hair is dry so it just soaks thisoil in.I like that I can apply it to my wetor dry hair.I feel it helps protect my hair whenI am blow drying and also when I usethe flat iron.I like it only takes a few drops to work.My hair feels healthier after I use itand it gives it a shine.I apply from my ends up as my hairis drier at the ends.I have enclosed pictures so you canmake a informed decision based onyour own personal needs.Yes I would recommend this product.

  32. The Girl Utah

    Possibly one of the best heat protectants and humectants I’ve encountered.. and I’m highly selective.. With shoulder length Color treated wavy hair, I cause hair ruckus.. mostly with constant use of blow dryer and flat iron! Trust me, I’ve tried my share of product.. Unite, verb, R+Co., pureology’s hydrate + shine just to name my top fav.’s. Dare I say- this surpassed the above list and was all-round solid.HAIROIC Diamond Drops are perfection.. with a slick, barely there lightness in its consistency- a little goes A LONG WAY!! (too much = too heavy and can leave hair flat/greasy!) Using approx. a nickel size drop to cover my entire head of towel dried hair is perfect. This absorbs and dissipates easily providing protection from heat of my ionic blow dryer and flat iron! Heading into winter with zero moisture and synthetic heat, I’m prone to static after blow drying yet, Ive have none- Wha..?!! This leaves hair smooth with only natural volume + not the excess pouf due to frizzies! Hair is soft and touchable with a sheen- Ha!! As I describe, I can see the analogy for the diamond reference.. clever!One of my favorite perks.. this can be used on dry hair (only a dab between fingers..) with this- one can smooth, tame or rid dry fly aways- especially with 2nd day hair! (I try to skip 1-2 day washing for less heat damage) This can even help style an “up do” if pieces aren’t cooperating.. certainly the jack of all trades!!The only angst I have is with the higher price point of $24 for 2oz. With minimal product needed to its job- this will last quite some time.. I just find this would best serve larger quantity with a 0.5-1.0 oz. version. Options would be the one improvement!! Hoping this info helps your decision- stay safe.

  33. Anita as No Diva

    This oil gives me Smooth and soft hair that smells really nice. I have very long, wavy, frizzy & thin hair. I do not like volumizing products because they weight my hair down and make it extra frizzy, I cant use curling products because they make my hair feel sticky and straw like. I have found that Argan oil products give me the right amount of frizz control and smoothness while protecting my hair from heat styling. I like the way this product works and the pump on the bottle – makes it easy to dispense in consistent amounts. I apply it to damp hair and work it thru with a natural bristle brush. I try to air dry my hair at least 1/2 way then straighten with a flat iron. Once dried & straight my hair feels smooth and silky – not greasy or frizzy dry with minimal fly aways. I only wash my hair every 3-4 days and this product kept the frizz down without getting extra greasy. I am very very happy with it.

  34. Bridget

    It’s good my hair feels good after putting it in but don’t put to much in or it we’ll wear down your hair and more difficult to style so less is more with this stuff

  35. Gail Szeli

    Amazing product. Leaves hair shiny and manageable yet light.

  36. SKidwell

    I am loving this hair serum! It works wonders, makes my hair look and feel fantastic, and smooths out the frizzies!

  37. DaviWilsoDaviWilso

    I’ve recently let my hair go grey. It worries me now when I use my flat iron and flattening comb that I could burn my hair to where the light parts of it will turn forever yellow. It’s imperative that I use a good quality serum now for protection before I use any heated type of smoothing device on my hair. This is a nice choice to protect my hair against damage and discoloring. You use as much as your hair needs for either heat protection or conditioning or just to tame flyaway hairs. Moroccan Oil is so good for your hair and that’s one of the ingredients along with vitamins as well to help condition your hair especially if you use a lot of heat on your hair for styling like I do. I highly recommend this product for protection against damage and conditioning as well as price value.

  38. JustCheck’n

    Lovely product, very cool packaging, leaves my hair feeling very soft and protected when using a hairdryer or straightener on it. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a heat protector product.

  39. mark b.mark b.

    During the pandemic, I’d been trying to prioritize my haircare by testing new products that are actually healthy for your hair with all natural ingredients. This serum stood out the most, I really changed my overly processed hair drastically with daily use. I also love the it has diamond powder (haha!) I feel like a million bucks wearing this and it smells AMAZING. I also like that it is SAFE for hair extensions! I use the serum right when I get out of the shower or after I curl my hair for extra lust. It is also very lightweight! It does not flatten my thin, fine hair. If anything, it adds volume! I definitely recommend this product, it’s a must-have.

  40. T

    Bad first impression

  41. Jaclyn

    Although the product itself is fine, maybe a bit falsely advertised because I don’t believe for a second it’s a thermal protectant, the packing it came in is a mess. The pump barely released any product, instead it just bubbles out from where the pump meets the bottle and just makes an oily mess everywhere!

  42. JamJam

    This hair oil had a bit of a learning curve for me, which was surprising because I’ve been using hair oils for decades. The directions just say to apply it to wet or dry hair as needed. But that’s not really the whole story. I normally do that with hair oils but this one works best if applied to hair that is then immediately heat styled. I originally tried to apply it to my damp hair and then let my hair air dry wavy. Well all I would end up with is frizzy waves every time. This hair oil really does require heat to activate and set it. After many failed attempts with air drying my hair, I tried blow drying it and then flat ironing it. Bingo! My hair looked like a million bucks. So smooth and polished. So healthy. Felt soft and silky to the touch. Not greasy. And the real win was that I went to bed with my hair in a loose pony tail and woke up the next morning with the same smooth/silky hair and no hair tie crease. I have second day hair that looks almost as good as the first day. I’m impressed. This product kind of reminds me of the L’Oréal frizz taming oil. It also has a thick consistency and a fruity scent, but tames frizz much better…just be sure to add the heat styling. I use approximately 6 pumps into my hands, rub it around the fronts and backs of my hands, flip my head upside down, then finger comb the oil through my damp hair evenly, and then I take a brush to my hair to finish spreading the oil around. Now that I know how this product works, it has shot to the top of the list of my favorite hair oils. 10/10! I highly recommend!***I have long wavy thick hair for reference.

  43. PaulMPaulM

    The Diamond Drops Hair Serum is provided in a two-ounce pump bottle. The Serum is a thick transparent gel-like liquid. Notable ingredients are Argan Oil and Diamond Dust. I have found that any hair product, e.g., shampoo or conditioner works very well. To try the Serum, I rubbed it into my damp hair after shampooing. After brushing and drying, my hair had become smooth and shiny. The Argan Oil and other ingredients work. I did not see any obvious result that I could say was the diamond dust. Maybe it added to the shine. Overall, this is a very nice hair serum.

  44. Jackie

    This is a high-quality hair serum. Nice light fragrance that fades quickly. Great ingredients; made in USA. Loved how my hands felt after I worked the serum into my hair. My hair is thin and fine. After using this hair serum, my hair feels soft and silky, no frizz, but it’s flat. Even after blow-drying, my hair doesn’t have any body. And that’s the only reason I gave this four stars instead of five. I will continue using this serum because I think it’s good for my hair, but I’ll use it at night and use something else when I want a fuller look.

  45. TeketaJTeketaJ

    I used this hairoic serum on my 4c hair to serve as heat protection from blow dryer and flat iron. The serum contains really good and natural ingredients that are good for hair. The serum has a slippery and silky consistency. I put a few pumps in my hand and applied to my hair and after blow drying my hair was really soft and smelled great. My hair was not heavy or weighed down. The bottle looks elegant having a marble effect. The pump does kind of gets jammed sometimes when pumping the serum out. I would love it more if it was a spray liquid form.

  46. Cheryl Graham

    This left my hair feeling greasy even the next day. Returning.

  47. K Friedel

    Made my hair feel like straw. Made it difficult to blow dry with a round brush because of the difficulty to comb through it after application.

  48. Amazon Customer

    Does what it claims without weighing hair down. I prefer unscented but this light scent doesn’t linger. Nice product for even fine, thin strands.. (just 1 pump does it)!

  49. Hope

    Used it for mine and my kids hair.

  50. SWSW

    My daughter has very fine, thin hair, so finding products that suit her hair type has been a hassle. After going through many hair oils and styling treatments, she finally found a product that works and couldn’t be more excited. This hair serum leaves noticeable results after just a single application. It’s lightweight and not too oily, giving her a healthy luster and vibrant shine. She has been looking for alternatives to her current It’s a 10! Miracle Styling Serum for a while now. Discovering this product, she says, has been a lifesaver. Just a few drops is all it takes to rejuvenate her dry, damaged ends. If you’re looking for a light, non greasy hair serum to treat your hair, then I highly recommend this product!

  51. Ricardo Beracha

    Works as described! 🙂

  52. Rusanna

    I love the way this product works. It makes my hair very soft and shiny

  53. Amazon Customer

    I love this serum. It feels amazing on my hair, makes it smooth and shiny, and feels lightweight

  54. Taylor

    It’s doesn’t make your hair sticky or feel dirty I use it to brush through my extensions and it keeps them soft

  55. Thayna&max

    Hairoic is helping to rebuild my hair, not to mention the shine and softness it brings. I’m loving my experience with him.

  56. Heather SmithHeather Smith

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     I’m so glad I gave this hair serum a try! First, it smells amazing but the scent is also light at the same time. The texture is slightly thick but a little goes a long way. I’m in LOVE with the packaging. The bottle and box look very luxurious! Hairoic did an amazing job with the packaging!I really love the texture of my hair after using during flat ironing. I felt the serum really added moisture and made my hair silky and shiny after I used it. I give Hairoic five stars and they definitely gained a customer with me.😊

  57. chonette grigsby

    I brought the product for my girls and they loved it. My girls are biracial and they have different textures of hair. My oldest has very small curls and the other has really thick big curls. The product worked great for both. They say it’s lite weight great for a curly look or for straightening. We will definitely purchase the products again.

  58. Aaron Kulakofsky

    I bought the serum on a different account, however the serum I’ve had for a week now and ever since I’ve gotten it my hair hasn’t been falling out tremendously from continuously traveling. The serum smells good and not plasticky like others. The serum is also very light weight not so thick as I expected it to be. Are usually have very frizzy hair living in a state that is extra humidity, this serum has helped a lot with frizziness and I don’t look electrocuted anymore. This is helped with me styling my hair when I go to meetings or go out with my friends however only having this product for a week has helped strengthen my hair already so I’m so excited what the future holds. Another bonus is at the packaging is so cute and dainty. How do you would recommend and I would definitely buy more once I run out!

  59. Galit efrat

    This is a very good hair strengthening serum.I love that it is a vitamin rich hair oil but its weight less. Other serum left my hair oily but this one didn’t.I was looking for a good repair serum to help my hair look helathir and help to control frizz especially since I live in Miami.

  60. PTJayme

    It’s hard to please my hair. It’s thick, chemically processed and perpetually dry it seems, until I find some quality products that are turning my hair around. This is now one of those products and will continue to be in my hair care regime, it’s that great! First of all, it smells amazing. Like the bubble tape gum I used to chew as a kid. The serum is thick, but not sticky. I applied it to towel dried wet hair, after my normal leave in conditioner. I have shoulder length hair. I split it in half and did 4 pumps for each side. Then I did one more pump on each side focusing on just the ends. Normally after my hair is done air drying I will have to apply my dry coconut oil spray to smooth and defrizz. I did not have to do that when I used this product! My hair feels so soft and smooth right now and my ends look so nice. I’m seriously impressed. It also leaves my hair extra shiny. I hope I can get at least 2 months out of this bottle, with using it 3x week. If so I will keep buying for sure. This is awesome stuff.

  61. JJL

    This is a pretty nice hair serum. I always have to be careful with them, because although I have tons of hair, the strands are fine and can look greasy really fast. The trick to using this is to apply a very small amount on damp hair. Just rub it in your hands and then run it through your hair, with maybe adding a tiny bit more on ends. This smells nice and makes my hair more manageable with fewer flyaways. It’s not amazing or life-changing, but does its job well.

  62. Mariel

    Muy rico el olor que te queda en el pelo y me encanta que tenga mucho contenido el frasco!

  63. hky87

    Love the texture after it has been applied. Easy to brush the hair after it has been on the hair

  64. Anna K.

    I have only used it a few times so far, but I feel like it makes my hair softer and I like the light peach scent.

  65. Nimia R.

    Muy bueno

  66. Anelia

    This product adds nice softness and shine to my hair and helps with achieving the result I want with my straightening tools. What I wish were different is the fragrance – not bad but a little too strong for my taste.

  67. Nik

    This hair serum is thicker than I expected and more viscous than my usual arrangement oil hair serum. It does help make my hair shiny and less frizzy but comes in behind my favorite go to one. It works as a hair serum and does make my hair skinnier. The scent isn’t overwhelming but it does have a smell.

  68. LisaLisa

    I had to double check the label and make sure I hadn’t grabbed bottle of face serum – the pump puts out a tiny amount at a time! Which is fine if you have a super short hair cut, but I need more than a tiny squirt of product to do the job.Has a very mild scent, which I like, and I don’t get a headache from this at all. Rub it around on my fingers and apply this to my daughters towel dried hair, which is a medium/course and medium brown. She rocks her head so ends up with a twisted mess that looks like she was shocked, so I wanted to try something besides plain hair conditioner to see if her hair would get less messed up during the day. This actually goes on nicely, and makes her hair feel extremely soft and smooth, and has reduced how messed her hair gets – and reduces the rats/tangles as well. So even with the silly little pump top this has ended up being a great addition to her hair care needs.Price is a bit high, but the product does go a long ways, and with the low output pump top you are less likely to over use it (too much effort).

  69. Betsy perez

    Es un pomito de cristal larguitos y tiene una cantidad aceptable con el precio.Es una seda para cabello.Da brillo y suavidad .Para huzar cabello seco y más para cabello tratado rubio.Para alizar cabello.Llego bien empacado.Rápido entrega

  70. Sandra

    Brinda un acabado súper brillante y suave

  71. Kristen a Hurst

    The serum is very light weight okay scent works very well.

  72. CoCo’s Mom

    My hair had frizzies from the bun down and these drops helped me get them in place and neaten up and shine up my hair.

  73. Charlotte Steward

    This product broke my scalp out really bad.can I get my money back?

  74. Kathryn Schmitt

    It has a terrible scent and doesn’t work well at all. If it was $5 I’d say fine but for $20i should just went to my normal place, sephora. I wanted to love this I really did but the smell is bad. It smells like someone dumped a very strong apricot juice on your head. Definitely needs a formula change

  75. Alex

    Thanks for the new present of HAIROIC- hair serum created with innovative packaging & excellent ingredients: vitamins A & E, argan oil, apricot oil, & diamond dust. We used it & found amazing results upon the first use. The magical diamond dust can transform hair into brilliant, shiny, & smooth hair. 1st. Shampoo, 2. Condition, 3. Add few drops of HAIROIC, 4. Blow dry , Curl, or Flat iron, or simply Brush with a thermal hair brush. 5. Add a drop or two of HAIROIC after styling to have a finished ,polished , brilliant, shiny , & smooth hair. HAIROIC is your hair hero. The fragrance is light & uplifting. We highly recommend HAIROIC. 10 stars .

  76. Andrea AAndrea A

    I’ve just received the Serum today and im super excited to see some radiant & healthy hair soon! I did try it on my skin first and the smell is soooo great and the texture is very light and not at all heavy or thick. Im one of those individuals that likes to research the ingredients she’s putting on her skin/hair etc and everything checked out wonderfully with the ingredients of this hair product! It has vitamin A & E as well as coconut oil and other SAFE compounds that are commonly used for cosmetic products (trust me i researched every single label on the back)! The product itself is wrapped in an elegantly designed box (perfect for gifting) and the another amazing fact is that its a USA made product!Over all very happy and I’m looking forward to it’s lasting result because I like to iron my hair A LOT and it definitely needs some protection!I would def recommend this serum to anyone looking to fortify their hair.

  77. grace

    This serum is not sticky which will make the hair look greasy compare to other brands. It has a very light and fresh scent. Good to have a try

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